Can You Afford to Be Successful?

Let me ask you a question.

mountain with person succeeding

Have you ever read a book about successful people?


I sure hope you have, because this is where your dreams are born and this is where the purpose of your life begins. They teach you those stories about how people were able to get away with what they did. You always feel like you are in the dark about things that were done behind closed doors. You think maybe only the people involved could know what really happened. You think maybe the people who are there could just tell you everything. But the best way to find out about other people is to talk to them in their own words.

What people talk about in books and magazines, and in conversation is very different than what actually happened. So I want to ask you a question.


Have you ever actually read a book about successful people? Or maybe you've heard some of those stories, and you start to think they are the real story? Well let me ask you a question.

Have you ever actually read one? Or have you read a few chapters of one, and then decided they were all just made up? I think we all have experienced that during some point in our lives.

Why would you believe anything you hear or read?


I think it is because we were trained to do so. I mean it isn't hard to imagine that every book that was ever written and every magazine ever published would be full of hearsay and lies. So I think it is difficult for us to believe what we read.

If we were able to understand the real process that creates a successful business, it could make us feel better about our own results, and others results. Why is that? I think that would make us feel better about our own and others results, and it could explain why people continue to work for others even though things were not going well in the past. The fact that they are still working means that things will get better.

The fact that they still work means we are not the only ones who can have a business.

I do have one thing to say to those who think that successful business owners don't work hard. Yes I believe they work hard, but they are also smart enough to know they are not the only ones who can have a business. If you can't have a business, then you can't have financial freedom. That is the bottom line.

I would like to close with a quote from Dr. King:

 "If the highest expression of the human intellect is not enough, what guarantee is there for the lowest? If man's imagination is not enough, what assurance is there for man's life?"